Let's have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers related to Ban-infotech services.
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If you are yet to make a decision whether to get started with an online marketing campaign or hiring a virtual assistant it’s time that you call us right away! We assure you that you’ll find the best deal!

The terms UI or UX stands for user interface and user experience design. As the phrases suggest, these designs are created with the intention to give users a world-class experience. After all, the ultimate agenda is to ensure that users do not have to face any ambiguity navigating around your website.
It is essential in today's market of ultimate competition to get hold of a professional UI or UX design. The better experience you provide to your users, automatically the client retention will also increase. It ultimately comes down to the one who can keep in mind the needs of the users.
The needs for websites are different and so is the genre. Hence it is not very practical to mention a specific figure. Having said that, Ban-infotech Solutions is known to provide a varied range of industry-specific UI/UX designing services at affordable pricing.
This one is also a very subjective matter and depends completely on the design specifications, industry type, and budget constraints. While a basic design could be done in a week or so, the more intricate ones require more time.

Hence it is best that you get in touch with our professionals and then decide upon what works best.

In today's world, you have to provide nothing but only the best experience to your clients. This is what gets enhanced when you hire a professional UI/UX development team.

After all, technology is advancing every single day as well as the competition. When in business, one should never compromise on the frontend development of the website, as that is to let the crowd come into you.

Yes, our prime focus has always been to provide you with the best possible resources when it comes to virtual assistant service. There are varied packages available in the virtual assistant section. There is a package option available for dedicated virtual assistants as well.
At Ban-infotech Solutions, we have the most advanced technology that can help you assess the various parameters. Hence, you can easily check the hours for which the virtual assistant extends service.
Once you get in touch with us for a service, our team of professionals will explain each section in detail to you for the best understanding. During the session, you will be given ample options to instruct in case of any emergency. Apart from that, we at Ban-infotech offer 24/7 technical support for all our esteemed clients.
Yes, you save money, time and reduce the number of human-made errors when you hire a virtual assistant in place of an employee directly working under your company's payroll. That is why we have introduced this rarely available service mainly for startups.
When you hire a direct employee, you'll need to pay a fixed salary with a dozen of overheads. However, in the case of paying for a virtual assistant, you'll only need to pay based on projects. Thus, it reduces unnecessary overheads with the same or even better outputs.
Paid Ads Marketing Campaigns do have an impactful end result and that too really quick. However, for any kind of marketing campaign to work you have to entrust a couple of days or even a week to show you the actual statistics.
The cost for paid ads marketing completely depends on the number of advertisements that you are going for and the magnitude of it. Once the requirements have been finalized upon, we will convey the expected cost.
Yes, there are other options available as well. Currently, most of the social media channels offer paid ad promotions. Apart from that, we deal with several other ad networks through which we promote our clients’ business.

However, we do like to get into a preliminary meeting with the clients. Once you have communicated all your requirements to us, we provide the best option for you.

Paid ads marketing is more about the genre of your business and how you wish to target your audience. We tend to evaluate a lot of factors such as the targeted keywords, potential customers, targeted region, competitors, and various other demographics. Once all that is done, we formulate a well-structured plan which is beneficial for you.
The major aim of paid ads marketing campaigns is to go for client acquisition. Once the preliminary client base has been set, it becomes much more promising even for longer-term.
Once you get in touch with Ban-infotech Solutions for a digital marketing service, we try to go in-depth and find out what your requirements are. Hence depending on the package you choose, we try to go deep into the service and provide the best possible solutions. We have varied services in the sector of digital marketing namely, email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, PPC marketing, tele-calling services, bulk SMS and WhatsApp marketing, and a lot more
The best part about taking a service from us is that we give you before and after statistics. This will be able to hold the picture clearly in front of you and hence it would be easier to understand how the campaign has impacted your business. Talk to us today to get started with your first marketing campaign with us.
Yes, digital marketing is currently one of the best possible options in today's date and hence the most vital aspect for business growth. If done in the correct way, digital marketing is bound to offer you the best possible long-term results.
The package has been set up with the best interests of the clients in mind. Hence depending upon your requirements each project will be taken up. We focus on involving as much personal touch as possible so that it can cater to your needs.
All our digital marketing packages are individualistic and hence we need to know about your requirements in detail. Once you get in touch with our team, we'll try to work upon the budget depending upon your requirements and skills.
Mobile applications are very handy and hence an absolute necessity in today's world for better business results. Ban-infotech Solutions crafts some of the best mobile-based applications offering the latest technical benefits. Contact us today to get your new app done at the best price!
The cost for each application depends upon the needs and the amount of resources that we have to invest from our side. Be assured that our team offers you only the best prices so that it does not burn a hole in your pocket.
This is completely subjective and hence changes from one client to the other. The time required for each development process will depend completely on your requirements. In case of emergencies we do try to provide immediate services as well.
Yes, mobile applications are usually designed as such that they can suit any probable mobile user. However, one has to remember that there are various platforms like android, iOS and Windows.

Hence it is important to develop applications keeping each of these in mind. Thus we offer you mobile applications that run on all the platforms with the best performance.

The best part about mobile applications is that anyone from any part of the world can use them easily. It is definitely an excellent option for the global customers as it makes the process easily accessible.
Front-end development, as one would know, is the interface that the clients witness. Hence, if you pay careful attention to the front-end development, all the aspects that could go wrong for a client experience will be taken care of. A great front-end development will be really instrumental and elevate your client engagement.
The front-end development for your website will be completely subjective and depends on a lot of factors. Even your expectations have to be weighed in. Depending on the final product and the skills used, the final cost is decided for the services.
Duration is also a matter of fact just like the payment for our services. We do undergo meetings and serve you a blueprint before finalizing any project. However, if you have any immediate requirements, our team will try their level best so that it can be served on time.
This will completely depend upon the requirements for each client and what you aspire to achieve. You can contact our team of professionals and they will put into purview as to what the final details will be.
Upgrades are a necessity when it is related to IT. As you know, the IT world has been changing rapidly. In case of the trivial once we provide it to you completely free of cost.

However, in the case of the ones that are required every five or ten years, a nominal amount is charged. It is always advised that you get in touch with our professionals and then make the best choice.

E-commerce is the new way for commercial services and hence users are also often comfortable with the same. When you develop your e-commerce site, clients find it more handy and convenient to administer. As a result this directly impacts your sales and the statistics shoot high.
An eCommerce website can bring you a host of benefits including access to a global market, greater customer satisfaction, reduced marketing and sales costs, better customer information, and streamlined business processes.
Yes, small-scale businesses can be boosted with the help of e-commerce development. E-commerce development gives it a rise and enhances sales through varied online marketing campaigns.
This is quite a subjective fact as the time for e-commerce development depends on the complexity or the simplicity of the website. It could range from anywhere between four weeks to twelve weeks depending upon the number of pages, products, and functions to be added.
The payment for your e-commerce development depends on the arena of your online business. The package is a subjective issue and can vary on what your requirements are as well as the resources that are being used during the development.
Yes, at Ban-infotech Solutions we believe in results more than anything else as a clear indicator of good service. Our email marketing campaigns are focused majorly on the best possible conversion rates.
This is very subjective as it usually depends on how catchy your emails are. Once you take up services from us, we ensure that the best creative minds take up the charge to design the email campaign for you. This automatically leads to a chunk of the population reciprocating better.
We have a team of professionals who take up every project with renewed vigor and zeal. Hence your business emails will be crafted with the most unique ideas that will make the clients open the emails.
In today's world, there are very few individuals who do not have an email Id. Hence email marketing is one of the best options to invest in particularly because you can reach up to a lot more people globally. Moreover, it's cheaper than any other marketing strategy.
The need of your business is a clear indicator as to why this kind of marketing scheme should be adopted by you. Our professionals will analyze these and suggest the ones which are best suited for your needs.
Before buying anything the first thing that most clients look for is the reviews, or rather the online reviews. If your reviews are up to the mark there is a much better chance that you will be entrusted with the service. Hence hiring the best review writing service provider in India will offer the utmost benefits.
It is better, in that case, to let your service do the justice. Hire a professional review rating service provider like Ban-infotech Solutions and make sure that your reviews are good so that people understand the difference. It can also be dealt with in a legal fashion in case of extremely serious implications.
Yes, the onus of a professional review rating service is to publish and glorify the services which are offered by you at the best. We try to put in only those reviews which will benefit your company manifold. Our purview is to grow your organization as a brand with long-term benefits, and our experts will do justice to that.
All the packages that we have are varied because of the individualistic needs of our clients. Depending upon your requirements we will craft the perfect package and hence the cost keeps on getting altered.
An IT consulting service is very important as it makes you aware and gives immediate solutions to all your IT-related issues. Getting a proactive IT team ensures that you do not have any possible technological glitches.
This completely depends on the package that you choose or the deal that we strike together. The need for each client is different and hence it is likely that you get in touch with us and convey your individualistic needs. Once that has been done the rest will be taken care of.
When it comes to providing consultation for your IT-related issues, we prefer to provide a more holistic experience. Hence depending upon your package chosen and the requirements, our clients will cover the areas of concern vividly.
This is subjective and could be dependent on a number of factors like the package you choose or your requirements. The charges for each IT consulting service is tailor-made. We cater to the specific needs of our clients and offer the most optimal solutions. Hence, the charge will be decided after an in-depth discussion about the project.
Yes, we do train your employees as well if the need is so. However, it is not a uniform service and hence it depends on individualistic needs. Some latest technical systems require in-depth training and guidance- thus, we cannot skip the training part for sure.
Yes definitely. We do work in web development and have a team of professionals who are specifically trained in the forte of search engine optimization. Get in touch with us today and we shall get some designs that are best suited for your requirements.
The charges for each project depend on a lot of factors specifically because the needs of each client tend to differ. Once we have got into a meeting with you and understand your needs, we will give a rough estimate as to how much it might cost you.
Developing a professional website requires creativity as well as time so that the best resources can be deployed. If you do not have any emergency, we tend to take some time to formulate ideas that bring instant results.
We have already discussed that the cost for each website development depends upon the requirements of each client. Hence it is best that you consult with us and then figure out the best possible rates for your requirements.
Yes, it is quite likely that getting your website developed will automatically attract a lot of new customers. Our team has got some of the best minds and hence developing an unique site would be a cakewalk for us.