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Are you finding it difficult to maintain a big team and want a host of proficient business support virtual assistants in India? Well, Ban-infotech Solutions is the right partner who can help you with apt candidates.

It is often seen that for various project requirements, one has to go for an added professional strength. In that case, going for remote employees is the best option.

Not only does it help the company to achieve the goal but it is also cost-effective as well as an efficient way to work. The virtual assistant does not need a physical office space and most often works in virtual collaboration.

What is the work of business support virtual assistants?

As the name might suggest, the major work of a business support virtual assistant is to provide assistance to the clients in managing and maintaining the existing business processes.

The assistance is mostly administrative in nature and very rarely they do provide technical assistance as well. The business support virtual assistants in India are usually quite well trained and know the exact way in which they need to function so that immediate assistance can be provided to the clients.

As they work virtually, there is no need for extra resources and hence the efficiency of the hiring company increases manifold. It is prevalent that even if the business is small scale, it invests in business support virtual assistants.

The proficiency with which they work is commendable and one of the primary reasons why they are so much in demand.

What are the areas in which Ban-infotech Solutions provide business support, virtual assistants?

The sectors are varied and some of the poignant areas of our support are:

  • Finance and Accounts Management
  • Desktop Research
  • Survey Support
  • Content Development Support
  • Translation Services
  • Admin Support
  • Payroll Management
  • Documentation and Designing
  • Data Entry and digitization
  • Data Mining Services.

Our Features:

Risk Free

At Ban-infotech Solutions, the aim is always to provide the best virtual assistant services in India but at really affordable prices.

Why should you opt-in for Ban-infotech Solutions?

Yes, there are many options in today’s market and hence the competition is intense. However, we can say with full conviction that the wide area of support we cover is quite unmatched.

Not only that, our team of business support virtual assistants in India is expertise in each field and hence the experience they provide to the clients is prolific. The process involved in hiring our virtual assistant team is also very simple.

Our budget-friendly packages are a big factor that works as a cherry on the cake. We have kept the prices affordable so that every genre of business can claim quality services and that too at a great price range.

We have been working in this sector for quite a few years now and the experience garnered is unmatched. This is the primary reason why we believe that taking services from our side will not disappoint you.

After all, having a team of expert virtual assistants in India is something that most companies need to meet the growing demands.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, our prime focus has always been to provide you with the best possible resources when it comes to virtual assistant service. There are varied packages available in the virtual assistant section. There is a package option available for dedicated virtual assistants as well.
At Ban-infotech Solutions, we have the most advanced technology that can help you assess the various parameters. Hence, you can easily check the hours for which the virtual assistant extends service.
Once you get in touch with us for a service, our team of professionals will explain each section in detail to you for the best understanding. During the session, you will be given ample options to instruct in case of any emergency. Apart from that, we at Ban-infotech offer 24/7 technical support for all our esteemed clients.
Yes, you save money, time and reduce the number of human-made errors when you hire a virtual assistant in place of an employee directly working under your company's payroll. That is why we have introduced this rarely available service mainly for startups.
When you hire a direct employee, you'll need to pay a fixed salary with a dozen of overheads. However, in the case of paying for a virtual assistant, you'll only need to pay based on projects. Thus, it reduces unnecessary overheads with the same or even better outputs.